Oneten is committed to giving its clients the most effective services at the best prices while also making priceless memories for you, your loved ones, and your friends. We are sure that our expertise, customer care, thoroughness, and love of travel set us apart from the competition.

We value a positive working relationship with our clients, and our representatives go out of their way to personally present each client with a range of solutions that will suit their demands and their budget. We can take you to a new world. Personalized attention components include our committed team, affordable packages, and incredible discounts. We work with you as partners, managing and assisting you along the way. You will have a memorable encounter with us that you will never forget.


We stand out for our steadfast dedication to growth and inspiration. We pledge to use the company’s resources as efficiently as possible while meeting the needs of individuals, interested parties, and the environment.


The key to our success is to grow our team members and satisfy our clients. We work hard to impart our expertise and enthusiasm so that we can successfully run our business.  We are dedicated to showing our appreciation, assisting others in reaching their objectives, and spreading our friendly atmosphere to everyone.



OneTen Global Is an Education Consultant with global recognition and reputation based in Pakistan. We work with different educational and cultural backgrounds. Importantly,  we provide assistance to Pakistani students enabling them to select suitable courses at appropriate universities, taking full account of their needs, goals, qualifications, finances, and career aspirations. 

We work closely with colleges and universities, to understand their requirements and to match the right candidate to the right role. We have an expert team of academic consultants. It is on these principles that OneTen Global has earned its reputation as Pakistan’s premier international student training and recruitment agency.



Due to the lack of educational institutions in our country, students find it hard to get admission in their desired subjects after Higher Secondary Level.  We have a policy of making sure that the student gets the services that he pays for; otherwise, fees (except registration charges as per university/college policies) will be refunded. In addition,  We firmly believe that our growth is based on satisfactory and providing exceptional service to its student therefore our policies and fees have been structured to meet those criteria. The Mission of OneTen Global is to provide comprehensive career development services to help students integrate education experience with lifelong learning and career opportunities through effective academic career decision-making, planning, and job searching. Working towards these goals, we are fully committed to diversity and are dedicated to meeting the needs of students in a sensitive, caring, and professional manner.


1.Representation of institute, its fee, programs of study, and other facilities.
2.Advising prospective students of the documents required for their admission and issue of the visa procedure.
3.Recommend prospective students who fulfill the institute’s admission requirements and who are financially able to pay for their fees and other living expenses.
4.Assisting students in preparing their application forms and all other necessary documents according to the institute’s admission procedure as described in the Admission, Visa, and Financial Information leaflet.
5. To collect fees from the students on behalf of the institute and forward them to the Office of admissions of the institute.


Our marketing strategies are a composition of all media platforms which gives us the most optimum result. Our marketing resources include both the traditional as well as the leading-edge mediums for making sure that we don’t lack anywhere. We use Newspapers, Radio, Outdoor Educational fairs, Guest seminars, Brochures, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, E-mailers, WhatsApp promotions, and SMS Campaigns.


We have a team of qualified and well-profiled educational counselors who guide student with market trends, admission policies, and visa requirements and also help them choose the right course and institute. Our team has an extensive practical experience in counseling and grip on immigration rules and has excellent communication skills. They are at the disposal of the students to guide them and solve their queries.

Team Members