Our expert team of experienced professionals is committed to ensuring that every aspect of this holy pilgrimage is executed flawlessly and that the pilgrim is in a relaxed state of mind during the sacred journey. ​

Offering Umrah Packages in Montreal is something Oneten has external experience with. As a result of effectively assisting thousands of pilgrims in the past, we have earned an excellent reputation as one of the best in the business.


You might consider making reservations for Umrah as the globe begins to relax its travel restrictions. However, before you start a protracted search for Umrah packages, comparing airfare, accommodations, and cost, have you thought about the best time to travel to Umrah? The months of December, January, and February are noticeably better in terms of Makkah's weather, with daytime highs averaging 31°C. The weather in Madinah is much more pleasant. In the same months, Madinah experiences temperatures between 24 and 25 °C. Taking advantage of the holidays to plan for Umrah is a relatively new practice among British Muslims. Why not look at our December Umrah if you have any similar plans?
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This is the time to travel if you intend to make a smaller pilgrimage, as well as any outdoor activities or local sightseeing. Contrary to June and July, when the desert is, quite simply, intolerably hot without a car with air conditioning; for many, these are the hardest months of all, the midday sun is especially fine and shade alone can reduce that heat.

Muslims from all over the world rush to take advantage of Ramadan Umrah as a way to celebrate the start of Ramadan. As a result, both pilgrims and other tourists are crammed into the holy towns. The same is true during the Christmas and Easter holidays,  alwhichso see an increase in international visitors and account for the rise in lodging costs that most pilgrims can easily relate to.

We think that pilgrims have a right to know that there are no set dates for performing Umrah in Islam; you can undertake it whenever you like throughout the year. However, three months before the Hajj, that is, during Shawwal, Dhul Qadah, and Dhul Hajj, Saudi authorities do not provide visas to foreign visitors. This is the time of year when preparations are being made for the impending Hajj, which is a major administrative cause. The feeling will be highly unpleasant as travellers will be flatly rejected by the authorities. But there’s no need to fear, as Muharram is set to bring better possibilities for Umrah pilgrims.